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Jolanta's passion for fine hand made things began when she was a young girl. Knitting, crocheting, and needle-pointing were the stepping stones that lead her down the path to the world of felting. 

Jolanta honed her felting expertise under the tutelage of internationally renowned masters of the art. Jolanta uses fine silks as her canvas and wool fibers as her paints, creating masterworks of fashion that are playful, sophisticated, and avant-garde.

'I FELT' stylings are completely handmade by Jolanta, using only the finest materials: fine silks, merino wools, and quality felts; however, Jolanta weaves a unique element into her creations that only she possesses--her passion for felting.

'I FELT' designs are eco-friendly, crafted with purified water and chemically free soaps. 

Admire Jolanta's collection. Contact her to place an order or to submit a special design request.

( or 917 825 4874)


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